What is really great in Second Life is the possiblity you have to test and retest without real damages and costs... except your time. You need patience, you need desire, and sometimes nice people around you willing to help and teach you .... This is how I learnt in Second Life... dont think you can make it by just learning into books or blogs... that will help for sure but it is mostly practise and practise again and again ! 

I was never before in any big lab so it was quite difficult for me to figure the kind of details it needed and the organization of space...  I was lucky at this time to have met Islanddoc Wollongong who really helped me to get a better approach of the labs. He was a practician and if I remember good the ex-mayor of a small american city. You can meet a lot of interesting people in S.L., and the Doc was one of them...  

So for a while most of the conversations with Pietro or Veronica from the S.S.C.B., were quite technical, based on photos, notes, and drawings...  

[14:00] contactum2000 Allen: no, sorry, research center is something else
[14:00] Clara Young: explain me what is the difference between labs and research center
[14:00] contactum2000 Allen: is the place where the company conduct scienfic trials
[14:02] contactum2000 Allen: Research is very important for scientist and also for sscb, but it is completely different from the laboratory activites, we do not search on the people stem cells who conserve the stem cells of their child in the bank.
[14:04] contactum2000 Allen: so we need both of them but to make sure they understand are separated activities. was I clear?
[14:04] Clara Young: ok, i understand, so the labs are more biological area for treating the blood
[14:05] contactum2000 Allen: brava!!!
[14:05] Clara Young: and the research is more a separate area for development
[14:05] contactum2000 Allen: exactly

Pietro wanted the exact machine, and even the exact brand of the machine to appear in the labs. I guess for him, that was some kind of secret meaning of quality, which I was totally unsensitive to !

The position of the chairs, their shapes, the tubes, and all the small and big materials and machines (even the garbage cans) had to be the closest as possible to the real one, put at an exact location, and each lab had to be unique as you can see on the Second Life site.

There was no sculpties yet at that time or only starting very experimentally and I was not really aware myself of what they would bring for the creation in Second Life. So I only worked with textures on prims and this sometimes may feel strange ... If  I would have time ,  I would re-create all the machines with sculpties to give them a more accurate shape. 

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