The results of this operation are not so easy to measure because it is a corporate operation mixing education and image. We can measure the visits thru the land or the visitor counters that the counters give us and which are a first indication.

Then we have the information requests that are leaving a trace in IM or email. And we also know that we have a regular amount of visits thru the guided tour. 

The client did not want to have a special landing page to measure the links made with the website and have no special procedure at the call center to know how many people could have call to ask informations thru telephone.

He did not want either to make any big promotion or advertising of the place, except thru the land or, at the lauching of the site, a partnership with some clinics on SL to have a small presence. I am not too sure though that the resident who gets pregnant on SL are the same audience than the one in the real life. They sure were information requests and teleport to the place, but we cant really measure the interaction with the conservation of the stem cells.

We also can see some traffic going from the movie on youtube or other websites that link to youtube.

And we also know the place is quoted in a few medical websites or a few studies about Second Life as for example “Second Life: Its Virtual Intent, Its First Life Reality An Exploration of the Original Intent and Purpose Of Second Life as User Generated Content Guides its Evolution: Where It Comes From and Where It Is Going. Annalisa V. Manthos NYIT EDIT 602-SP08 – Dr. Shank-Kwei Wang

I would think that the indirect effects of education and learning about stem cells are not measurable. Someone told me once after seeing the SL site, that her sister was pregnant and that she would advise this to her. Sometimes people contact me to ask if I know a similar place in the US. Lately, I was contacted by a researcher who asked me a contact at the S.S.C.B. since he wanted to offer his services !

The client has renewed this presence for 2009, and is planning to organise a few conferences about stem cells for the SL audience. We will try to get more qualitative measure this year too, with some survey stands that will give us an idea of the way the site is perceived.

My deep feeling is that if we have informed at least one person, and thru this person, influence the destiny of someone who was sick and could be cured because of stem cells, then we reach our objectif here in Second Life.

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