In 2007, I joined the Second Life Community Convention in Chicago where I had the pleasure to meet some of my virtual friends and one of the greatest and older friend of mine, Gabriel Paci, known inworld as Master Quatro or Gabriel Pirandello. That happened to be a really nice time and for me, a unique opportunity to understand better what I was doing in Second Life, what was the power of the community, and what I could do with virtual worlds in my work. 

There were many tracks there at the S.L.C.C. but one was about machimina under the leadership of Moo Money, and it really impressed me. I have been making a few semi-professionnal videos in my life and I love editing. I realized I also could make a video in second life using SL tools and I decided to experience it on the Swiss Stem Cells Bank ! That would be helpful for a soft promotion of the SL site, and for learning something new in SL !

I first had to get familiar with the tools I could use. Starting with Alt-Zoom Camera, I finally ended up being more comfortable with Filming Path which is simple when you understand all its possibilities. I trained a lot on small scenes before I could use it properly. I was so excited that I decided to quickly make the SSCB movie. I wrote a small scenario and script, asked a few people in my Feel at Home Community if they would want to play in the movie, and they were all so friendly and generous. That was a funny experience and I made quite a lot of mistakes, and once again learnt a lot, but the movie was finally made.

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