The idea of this project was to create a place in Second Life to explain in a 3D environment; the process of collection, treatment and conservation of the embryotic stem cells, and make a global audience awareness of its role and possibilities in the healing of many pathologies. The project aimed to :
- de-dramatized the process of registration and collection of the blood samples
- value research processes inside SSCB
- put in perspective the simplicity and security of the registration process to SSCB

The creation of the SSCB site in Second Life would have to reflect the concepts, products and values of the S.S.C.B thru architecture, welcoming, research, technology, & pedagogy.
The architecture was not precised but it had to stay light and contemporary. The details of the inside had to be close to reality, which meant to reproduce the process of registration, the rooms, materials, machines of the scientists and doctors.
The idea was to be as global as possible, and propose a visit in 6 different languages to make understoodable by non scientific people the role of the stem cells.

The links to the real world would go to the website or the call center from all informations objects. The idea was to keep discreet, and not to press people.

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